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Solving the world's critical challenges,
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Who we are

WTT is a non-profit foundation created to connect innovators and technology developers with opportunities for social, environmental and economic impact.

What we do

We create room for the experimentation of technological, social and business-model innovations in communities and contexts where they can have a positive impact. We accelerate the development of a new generation of technologies designed to solve critical social and environmental challenges.


How to connect innovative solutions to the most critical social challenges?

We connect communities and local NGOs to innovators, creating room for experimenting with technological, social or business-model innovations in the field. In this process we instigate innovators to consider the social and environmental potential of their solutions, and create opportunities for deploying them in real-world contexts where they can have a positive impact.


How to support impact inventors and innovators to cross the "innovation valley of death" and take their solutions to market?

WTT identifies and supports innovative technologies with the potential to promote large-scale impact. We provide a wide range of support, including funding, strategic planning, project management and networking. WTT helps entrepreneurs and inventors cross the "innovation valley of death", whilst directing their efforts towards the development of products or services aimed at solving the great social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.


How to foster a culture of innovation in low-income communities?

Community Innovation Centers are places where community members can access the tools and support they need to develop technological solutions or new business models that allow them to overcome their own challenges.

Who makes WTT

Valdemar de Oliveira Neto

Valdemar de Oliveira Neto

Executive Director

Director of Programs at the Avina Foundation from 2003 to 2012, and founding member and Executive Director of the Ethos Institute. He was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 1986 and served as the organization's global vice president from 1994 to 1998. Maneto began his career as a lawyer and co-founder of the Luis Freire Culture Center. Currently, Maneto is also a member of the Board of the Foundation Center (USA).

Andre Wongtschowski

Andre Wongtschowski

Head of Operations

Andre brings to WTT over 15 years of professional experience in the private and social sectors, including 7 years at Unilever in various positions in Brazil, Colombia and England, and 3 years in the financial sector. Andre holds a degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Development Administration and Planning. He is an Eisenhower Fellow and an MIT/D-Lab Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow.

Gaston Kremer

Gaston Kremer

Field and Impact Manager

Gaston has professional experience in strategic relations, communities, social business and mediation between different realities. Before WTT, was partner of energy access and rural development social business with focus in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uruguay. Studied ethics and governance of technology, climate and sustainable energy finance and international cooperation. Consider technology as a social process where people should be at the center.

Tatiane Negrão

Tatiane Negrão

Finance & Administration

An Accountant (PUC-PR) with a specialization in Controlling (FAE Business School), Tatiane has a 20+ years professional career in a range of organizations, such as Votorantim, Philco and Fundación Avina, in accounting, finance & administration, controlling and management of social projects, including those financed by the IDB/MIF.