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[Free Conference] Amazonian socio-biodiversity and STI policy: challenges and opportunities for 2030

The Free Conference “Amazonian Sociobiodiversity and ST&I Policy: challenges and opportunities in the 2030 horizon” takes place online, on April 10, from 9am to 6pm and aims to strengthen the participation of civil society organizations and representatives of traditional peoples and communities in the Amazon in the discussion on Brazilian science and technology policy.

The intention with this mobilization of actors is to create an environment conducive to a debate based on the multiple realities of the Amazon. In the history of the construction of science policy instruments and their implementation, there have been challenges and barriers to dialog between the public sector, the private sector, academia and civil society. In this sense, spaces for participation from civil society are rich and opportune.

The activity is part of the preparatory process for the 5th edition of the National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation, which will take place on June 4-6 in Brasilia.

Registrations can be made here, while the streaming link is already available on WTT’s YouTube channel.

Check out the event’s preliminary program:

09:00-09:45: Panel: Are traditional Amazonian peoples and communities agents of innovation?

09:50-11:00: Panel: Does the Amazon need innovation?

11:00-12:00: Questions

13:30-13:45: Initial systematization

14:00-15:00: Panel: Collaborative innovations by PCTs and their partners in the Legal Amazon

15:00-16:00: Questions

16:15-16:45: Group discussion

16:45-17:30: Systematization and action plan

17:30-17:45: Closure