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Climate Solutions Lab: the lab’s second class is formed

The second cohort of the Climate Solutions Lab, a laboratory coordinated by WTT in partnership with South African professor Phumlani Nkontwana, begins this Thursday (19/11) and serves as a platform to promote innovative solutions from young leaders from Madagascar, Niger, Uganda, Zambia, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala in the context of climate change and the contexts of each country.

More than 40 projects were presented by young people from the six countries and 12 initiatives were selected to form part of the second group of the laboratory. The proposals presented were aligned with innovative actions to adapt to climate change and included innovative and sustainable food systems, waste and energy management initiatives, water collection and training projects. All the speakers presented the relationship between their solutions and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as with the official climate policies of their countries, in order to contribute to their national commitments to the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The project is part of Impulsouth, an initiative of the Avina Foundation and the United Nations University funded by Canada’s International Development Research Center. Climate Solutions Lab provides a space for experimentation and innovation so that young leaders can receive resources, mentoring, learn about methodologies and create connections in order to advance climate solutions for their territories.

With two groups of 12 participants (the first formed in the first semester and the second now), Climate Solutions Lab brings together innovators from a South-South cooperation perspective: how can young people from countries in the Global South find and develop solutions to similar challenges? At the same time, one of the project’s strengths is based on the differences in context, background and experience of each participant, which enriches the meetings and exchanges.

Find out more at https://impulsouth.org/solutions-lab/