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5th National Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation: Registration and WTT in the Program


This Saturday (18th) at 12 PM, the second batch of registrations opens for in-person participants of the 5th National Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation. The 5th CNCTI takes place on June 4th, 5th, and 6th at Espaço Brasil 21 in Brasília and will be an important space for dialogue among different societal actors to reflect on the role of STI in the country and its direction in the coming years. The future of Science, Technology, and Innovation is under construction. We can and must be part of this process.

The Conference will also be broadcasted and has free registrations for online participants.

Registrations can be made at: www.5cncti.org.br


WTT will be present in the discussions. On June 5th, Lara Ramos, Coordinator of Programs and Public Policies at WTT, will participate in a special session “The Free Conferences at the 5th CNCTI”, coordinated by Anderson Gomes (CGEE) and alongside Ronald Ferreira (General Coordinator of Social Participation Articulation – SG-PR), Miguel Manso (Interactive Informatics), and Henrique Pereira (Director of INPA). The rapporteur will be Janaína Simões (UFRRJ).

With a diverse array of partners, WTT co-organized in April three free conferences on science, technology, and innovation, focusing on the themes of Amazon Sociobiodiversity, Mission-Oriented Innovation, and the Ecological Transformation of Agri-Food Systems. A series of recommendations resulted from the three conferences, which will now be grouped into a policy brief and discussed in Brasília.

Learn more about the organized conferences here.

WTT Policy

For over 10 years, driving innovative solutions to promote a positive impact on socio-environmental challenges, WTT also seeks to translate these results into public policies to reach more people and generate systemic changes. Through this front of work, the organization also aims to bring new actors into the political debate, whose perspectives and experiences in the territories are essential for the formulation of new STI policies in Brazil. Therefore, WTT encourages everyone who can, to participate in the CNCTI, either in person or virtually.