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[Climate Solutions Lab Serie] Taking the Lead: Ny Aro’s Motivating Adventure as a Climate Advocate

Article originally published on the Impulsouth project website


After obtaining her engineering degree, Ny Aro embarked on a journey as a climate activist, fervently advocating for the participation of young people in both political and environmental spheres. As the climate point person for AIKA, a pioneering national alliance dedicated to addressing climate change, biodiversity, and desertification in Madagascar, she plays a crucial role in propelling initiatives forward.

As part of Impulsouth, she participated in prestigious international conferences such as the African Climate Summit in Nairobi and COP28 in Dubai, where she witnessed firsthand the dedication and mobilization of youth worldwide. Emphasizing the significance of grassroots efforts, Ny Aro is committed to raising young people’s awareness about the impacts of climate change and empowering and training them so they can take meaningful action within their communities.

Reflecting on her involvement in the 2023 cohort of the Impulsouth program, Ny Aro acknowledges the challenges of translating theory into practice. In terms of her achievements, she points to the completion of the pilot phase of a project aimed at utilizing organic waste to produce protein meal and organic compost. Through this initiative, over 100 kg of organic waste were processed, resulting in tangible outputs that contribute to environmental sustainability. Looking ahead, Ny Aro and her team are focused on intensifying black soldier fly breeding to scale up production and maximize impact.

“You have to tell yourself that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Be scared, be bold, be courageous. When you are scared to jump is exactly when you should jump. Otherwise, you will stay in the same place your whole life.”


Climate Solution Summary: Agricultural-livestock Productivity and Bio-organic Waste Management for a Better Life

Organic waste is estimated to cost over 1 trillion USD per year worldwide. In Africa alone, more than 230 million tons of food are thrown away every year. The organic waste produced in Madagascar would fill 300 soccer fields, with an average height of 2m, and is responsible for over 50% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

So, Ny Aro thought, why not transform this waste into a product that will contribute to the goal of zero hunger by 2030? And that’s what she did. She found a solution that advanced mitigation and adaptation efforts: a business that not only follows the circular economy model but also uses organic waste as a raw material at minimum cost for maximum profit. The project provides a biowaste management service using the black soldier fly as a bioconversion agent. Ny Aro’s mission is to improve agricultural-livestock productivity and bio-organic waste management by developing sustainable food for animals and fertilizer for plants. This project will also provide dignified work and income streams for households.