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[Climate Solutions Lab Series] Luz Osorio’s Climate Commitment: An Innovative Approach to Environmental Conservation

Article originally published on the Impulsouth project website


Luz Osorio, a passionate biologist and climate advocate from Guatemala, has always been an avid observer of nature. She spent her childhood exploring the nuances of the ecosystems in her backyard and her discoveries made her feel deeply connected to the natural world. This sense of connection led her to study biology at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

Throughout her academic career, Luz delved into various fields of biology, but it was the intersection between biology and climate change that really captured her interest. Driven by an innate curiosity and a growing concern for the state of the environment, she devoted herself to understanding and addressing the challenges of climate change.

Let’s remember that every small step, conversation, and new idea helps protect our planet from climate change. As we look back on our progress and work with others, let’s be inspired by our teamwork and determination. Together, we can create a sustainable future where we value and protect our natural resources. Let’s keep pushing for positive change and stay committed to leaving a better world for future generations.

Luz’s involvement in the Climate Solutions Lab broadened her perspective on climate change. Initially, she viewed climate change as a solely environmental issue requiring governmental and societal interventions. However, through Lab experiments and discussions, she came to see businesses as having a role in addressing climate change while also generating profit. This revelation inspired her to explore ways in which she can leverage her knowledge and skills in biology to contribute to sustainable business practices aimed at mitigating climate change. It also helped her recognize the power she has to drive sustainable entrepreneurship.

In 2023, she participated in COP28 and presented her research at the Guatemala Pavilion as part of the Impulsotuh delegation. This experience gave her a platform to advocate for innovative solutions, highlight the economic importance of conservation, and foster dialogue and collaboration on climate-related issues. Her involvement in the 5th National Congress on Climate Change in Guatemala in early 2024 allowed her to further advocate for climate action.

At the core of her approach is an innovative solution that emphasizes the importance of natural reserves and highlights their monetary values. By drawing attention to the economic benefits of preserving these reserves, she has been able to open discussions on sustainable practices and the potential profitability of climate-conscious initiatives. This perspective has resonated with stakeholders, sparking meaningful conversations and driving tangible progress towards addressing climate change.


Climate Solution Summary

Using geographic information systems (GIS) to assess the economic value of the regulating ecosystem services provided by Guatemala’s cloud forests to create an early warning tool for carbon emissions and carbon sequestration.

This project proposes using geographic information systems (GIS) to determine the current and future economic value of the ecosystem carbon sequestration service provided by Guatemala’s cloud forests. Seeing carbon emissions and sequestration in terms of monetary losses and gains could help politicians and communities recognize the importance of conserving the forests around them.

By providing insights into the current and future value of different climate change scenarios, the proposed tool could guide decision making around adaptation, mitigation and conservation projects. This research could also highlight opportunities to apply for climate financing, from both national and international sources, by demonstrating the economic importance of ecosystem services in developing countries like Guatemala.