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Esocite: (Re)Making Science and Technology in Democracy

How to transform the relationship between science, technology, and politics based on values such as transparency, participation, justice, and the inclusion of diversity? What agenda transformations and policies will be necessary to achieve these goals?

These are some guiding questions of ESOCITE.LA, the XV Latin American Conference on Social Studies of Science and Technology, which takes place from July 23 to 25 in Campinas.

WTT, together with Rosana Corazza, will join the working group Theorizing STS from Latin America on July 24 with the work entitled “Public Participation and Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy: Initial Contributions.”

Under the theme “(Re)Making Science and Technology in Democracy,” Esocite is one of the largest S&T&I events in Latin America and will cover various thematic lines ranging from the crises of democracy to new horizons in the debate on innovation, passing through scientific agendas, sociotechnical transitions, new digital technologies, and technoscience.

More about Esocite ar: https://www.esocite2024.com.br/