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First shipment of Brazil nut hedgehog fiber goes from the communities of Labrea to the Manaus industry

From Labrea to Manaus, in Amazonas, the first shipment of 500 kg of Brazil nut hedgehog fiber traveled a long five-day journey along the Purus River until it reached its final destination to become the essential material for the bioplastic. Two more shipments of 500 kg are scheduled for February and March.

The Bioplastics project is gaining essential momentum with this first concrete commercial agreement, which provides the industry with an important alternative to materials of entirely petrochemical origin and has a positive impact on the Amazonian communities involved in the process of collecting and initially processing the product.

The initiative is led by WTT, with financial support from FJBSA and PPBIO, a Suframa public policy coordinated by Idesam. UEA, with guest researchers from other universities, is in charge of the R&D part of the project, while Tutiplast is the project’s commercial partner. ASPACS is working with the communities involved in hedgehog collection.

It’s a great collaborative innovation project with a successful track record so far!