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[Free Conference] Mission-oriented innovation: contributions to the construction of a new Brazilian technology and innovation policy

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and World-Transforming Technologies (WTT), with the support of the National Council of State Research Support Foundations (CONFAP), will hold a free conference on April 16, 2024, at the CNI in Brasilia: “Mission-Oriented Innovation: contributions to building a new Brazilian technology and innovation policy”.

The event aims to gather recommendations to support the 5th National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation. In this Free Conference, we will discuss how the Mission-Driven Innovation approach can contribute to this construction; we will present some of the tools available for this, debate some of the challenges that must be overcome in this process, and how to build the necessary collaborations to formulate and implement a new science policy that leads to a fairer, more sustainable and developed Brazil.

The Free Conference “Mission-Oriented Innovation: contributions to the construction of a new Brazilian technological and innovation policy” will include the participation of some guests in person and will be broadcast via Youtube.

The Free CT&I Conferences are part of the structure of the different stages of the 5th National Conference on Science and Technology, which will be held by the Federal Government in June, and aims to propose recommendations for drawing up the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2024-2030. Find out more about the 5th CNCTI here: https://5cncti.org.br/ .


Mission-Oriented Innovation: contributions to the construction of a new Brazilian technology and innovation policy

16 April | Registration for virtual participation here.


9:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. – Opening
Jefferson Gomes (CNI); Andre Wozngtschowski (WTT); Guila Calheiros (MCTI / CNCTI)

9h30 to 10h30 – Panel 1 Mission-driven Innovation: what, why and for what?
Moderator: Fábio Guedes Gomes (ICTP Br)

Debate: Andre Wongtschowski (WTT); Inácio Arruda (MCTI)cMariano Laplane (Unicamp) and Francilene Garcia (SBPC)

10h30 to 10h45 – Break

10h45 to 11h45 – Panel 2 Lessons learned from Brazilian initiatives for the national missions agenda. Moderator: Rafael Lucchesi (CNI)

Debate: Verena Hitner (CNDI); Marília Basseti (Embrapii); José Roque (CNPEM) and Marcelo Knobel (Unicamp)

11h45 to 13h30 – Break

13h30 to 14h30 – Panel 3 Participation strategies and governance models. Moderator: Jorge Audy (TECNOPUC)

Debate: Severino de Lima Júnior (ANCAT); Fernanda De Negri (IPEA); Caetano Penna (CGEE) and Odir Dellagostin (CONFAP)

14h30 to 14h45 – Break

14h45 to 15h45 – Panel 4 Capacities of institutions to implement missions
Moderator: João Carlos Ferraz (UFRJ)

Debate: Marcos Vinícius de Souza (USP Researcher); Francisco Gaetani (MGI), Jackson de Toni (ABDI), Ronaldo Carmona (FINEP)

15h45 to 16h – Break

16h to 17h Panel 5 Major private RD&I projects for Missions. Moderator: Jefferson Gomes (CNI)

Debate: Rodrigo Fumo (WEG Motores); Bernardo Gradin (Granbio); Maurício dos Santos Neves (BNDES), Marcelo Prim (Embrapii)

17h to 17h15 – Closing
Valdemar Oliveira (WTT); Ronaldo Carmona (FINEP);