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[Free Conference] Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecological Transformation in Agrifood Systems

The National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation is a democratic space to express proposals and aspirations for the sector and is scheduled for June 4-6, 2024. Preparatory events have been taking place all over the country since November 2023 (thematic and free sessions and municipal and state conferences). Systematization reports are produced at these events, which are essential if the discussions held are to contribute to the construction of the National Conference.

In this context, the free conference “Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecological Transformation in Agrifood Systems” is being organized.

In the context of the “global syndemic”, which amplifies the challenges associated with the sovereignty and food security of vulnerable populations, it is necessary that public policies and actions related to national ST&I contribute to different types of farmers dealing with issues related to the threats to food production in the face of climate change, health impacts and social inequality.

The Free Conference was organized in preparation for the 5th CNCTI with the aim of debating agricultural research, facilitating collaborations and contributing guidelines and proposals to be taken to the 5th CNCTI. The proposals must be in line with the main thrusts of the ENCTI 2023-2030.

The debates will take place in person, at Embrapa’s headquarters, and online, via Google Meet, for registered participants only. Registrations can be made until April 11, 2024 by clicking on this link.

The event will take place from April 15 to 19, 2024, in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online), and will be broadcast on Embrapa’s YouTube channel.


15/04 – Social development: Innovations for agroecological transition and socio-productive inclusion

16/04 – Ecological transformation and climate change: Food production in the face of the systemic impacts of the climate emergency

17/04 – Health: Building a programmatic and integrated vision of a single health system

18/04 – Science and traditional knowledge: Dialogues on the sovereignty and food and nutritional security of traditional peoples and communities in Brazilian biomes

19/04 – Science and public policies: Mission-oriented public policies aimed at the ecological transformation of agri-food systems for a fair, sustainable and developed Brazil.

Check out the program for each day of the event on the Empraba website

The Free Conference is organized by:

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Farming,
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation,
Ministry of Education
World-Transforming Technologies (WTT) and
Brazilian Agroecology Association (ABA).