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Post-Forum Actions: WTT starts (co)organizing Free Conferences ahead of the 5th CNCTI

After the 1st Brazilian Forum on Mission Oriented Innovation, WTT has been working with different partners to put the mission approach at the center of discussions ahead of the 5th National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation. The CNCTI is taking place after a 14-year hiatus and aims to draw up the National ST&I Strategy for the next 10 years.

On Wednesday, for example, the first planning meeting for the Free Conference on the Amazon Bioeconomy took place, co-organized by WTT with representatives from the MCTI, the Emílio Goeldi Museum of Pará, the Brazil Nut Observatory, the Observatory of Sociobiodiversity Economies, the Avina Foundation, DPCT/UNICAMP and the MDA.

See below for information on the events that are being structured and enter your email address in the form if you are interested in receiving information and registering

Free Conference “Science, Technology and Innovation for what? Mission-oriented innovation as a strategy for building a new Brazilian science policy”
When: March 5th | 2pm
Format: Hybrid
Coordination: WTT
Organizing committee: representatives of CNI/MEI, and CONFAP

Free Conference “Ecological transformation in agri-food systems for a fair, sustainable and developed Brazil”
When: March 18-22 (to be confirmed)
Format: to be confirmed
Coordination: EMBRAPA
Organizing committee: representatives of the MDA, MCTI, MDS, MFAZ, MEC, WTT, and ASA

Free Conference “The Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy approach in the context of the Legal Amazon: challenges and opportunities in the 2030 horizon”
When: March 28th | 9am
Format: Online
Coordination: WTT
Organizing committee: representatives of the MCTI, Emílio Goeldi Museum of Pará, Brazil Nut Observatory, Observatory of Sociobiodiversity Economies, Avina Foundation, and DPCT/UNICAMP

5th National Confeence on Science, Technology and Innovation
When: June 4-6
Format: \Brasília