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Team Transitions at WTT

Entering a new phase, WTT announces institutional changes in its team.

Gaston Kremer, Program Manager for 7 years at WTT, now assumes the Executive Director position of the organization, replacing Pablo Vagliente, who held the position for the last 5 years. Andre Wongtschowski, Director of Innovation, is moving on to new professional challenges, while the coordination of Programs and Advocacy of the organization will be taken over by the then Project Manager, Lara Ramos.

These changes occur at a crucial moment of consolidation and growth for the organization, which will continue to expand its team and reach.

During his 5 years in the executive directorship, Vagliente led the restructuring of the organization, facilitated its internationalization by collaborating with Latin American partners on projects such as Chaco Innova and Regenerative Food Businesses. Similarly, he was responsible for significant fundraising efforts for Pera Complexity, a company in WTT’s portfolio focused on complexity technologies applied in the fields of energy, cryptography, and desalination.

Wongtschowski also leaves a central legacy for WTT, especially as the main ideator of the Innovation Orchestration Center, a pioneering initiative that seeks the development of technological solutions through extraordinary scientific collaborations aimed at specific missions. After a period of over 10 years at WTT, the realization of the 1st Brazilian Forum for Mission-Oriented Innovation – an unprecedented event that brought the approach to national discussion, with over 100 guests, and influenced WTT’s subsequent strategy in other political advocacy initiatives – was one of his final acts as a collaborator of the organization.

Kremer brings to the executive directorship extensive experience with the design and execution of WTT programs. From field impact challenges, such as those related to community water management and agroecological cotton, to WTT’s territorial action in the Gran Chaco, Amazon, and Brazilian Semiarid, Gaston also developed relationships for the institution with partners in philanthropy, the private sector, and academia. He also led the execution of WTT’s international programs such as the Climate Solutions Lab and participation in COP28.

Lara Ramos takes on the areas of programs and advocacy, continuing and expanding the work she has been developing in leading WTT projects, while assuming the coordination of advocacy activities in public policies related to Science, Technology, and Innovation. Since 2023, Ramos has been contributing significantly to WTT’s vision and project management, such as those supporting the advancement of the National Rural Sanitation Program led by ASA or those developed from the IOC methodology, such as a bioplastic made from Brazil nut waste and resulting from collaboration between the community, university, and industry in the Amazon.

These are exciting times for WTT, which envisions an even more engaged future with political and climate issues, adopting a global vision for socio-environmental challenges, but in direct construction with territories and their populations.