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Water access technologies to respond to climate disasters

At a time when Brazil faces one of its greatest climate disasters in history, with floods ravaging the South of the country, organizations from various sectors are joining forces, knowledge, and resources. Together, they seek to build rapid responses to a scenario that demands agile coordination among different actors in society.

At the request of the Solea Institute, WTT conducted the identification and technical analysis of water access technologies in the context of the emergency affecting the population of Rio Grande do Sul. From the diagnosis, four solutions with the potential to respond to the emergency were identified. Among these, due to the characteristics and speed demanded by the crisis, WTT recommended to the Solea Institute the sending of Camel Kits, developed by Água Camelo.

Twenty-five kits were acquired by the Institute and sent by the Brazilian Air Force to the Civil Defense of RS, which will receive training on how to use the equipment to disseminate it. The Kit, which can also be used by Civil Defense in other situations, consists of a 15-liter backpack, ultrafiltration instruments, and was designed to supply four necessary steps to have quality water for human consumption.

Camel Kit being used in a workshop in Maués (AM).
Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @agua_camelo

“In addition to Água Camelo, the other three initiatives we evaluated in this process – Hidromaxi, PWTech, WATERisLIFE – also offer sets of technology that will be important for the sequence of what is happening in Rio Grande do Sul, as this critical scenario will have different stages and these companies have water access solutions for this and the next moments to come,” emphasizes Gaston Kremer, Executive Director of WTT.

Former partner of WTT, PWTech, for example, develops a technology for treating contaminated water through a low-cost, portable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-handle purifier system. All available equipment from the company was acquired through a collective action among public individuals and has already been allocated to the Southern Region. Still, other systems could be produced in a timely manner to effectively respond to the crisis that has established itself in the South.

Meanwhile, WATERisLIFE creates hygiene and sanitation education programs, as well as develops portable solutions to provide drinking water to needy communities. Hidromaxi is a company from Porto Alegre specializing in industrial and residential water treatment and has been providing drinking water for over 25 years.

The mapping and evaluation of solutions carried out by WTT were made possible also thanks to the support of the Health and Happiness Project, local partners, and sanitation experts, who shared knowledge and key contacts for the agility of the process.

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