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The challenges and opportunities of sociobioeconomics for climate and biodiversity in Brazil

On December 10, WTT took part in the panel “The challenges and opportunities of the sociobioeconomy for climate and biodiversity in Brazil – Innovation, Scale, Inclusion and Conservation” at COP 28.

The aim of the panel was to present the challenges and opportunities for the socio-bioeconomy in Brazil to tackle the climate and biodiversity loss crises.

With the aim of exploring topics such as science and technology, new business models, financing, consumer markets and sustainable territories, the panel brought together representatives from the federal government, the private sector and civil society.

Guilherme Eidt Gonçalves de Almeida (Institute for Society, Population and Nature), Ceiça Pitaguari (Secretary for Environmental and Indigenous Territorial Management at the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples) Marcelo Salazar (entrepreneur at Mazo Mana), Frineia Rezende (Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy), Carina Pimenta (National Secretary for Bioeconomy at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change) and Ana Euler (Business Director at Embrapa) and Gaston Kremer (Program MManager at WTT).