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Webi-NAR: Gender equality as a regenerative approach in food business: challenges and tools

What does gender and regenerative food businesses have to do with each other?

In a special webinar, we will learn about impact businesses led by women and the strategies carried out by these initiatives and by organizations seeking to strengthen the gender approach to regenerating food systems.

The activity is organized by HUB-NAR, a platform for disseminating and boosting the knowledge and experiences of a community interested in strengthening the capacity of food businesses to regenerate socio-ecological systems in Latin America. 🌱🌎

To find out more about the HUB, visit the platform: www.regenerativo.org

🗓️ Save the date for the Webi-NAR: April 3rd
⏰ 11am (Brasília time)
👩‍💻 Join in via Zoom ︎ https://tinyurl.com/2d4raeh4 or watch via Facebook Live ︎at CATIEOficial