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Webinar: Investing in Regeneration While Regenerating Investments in Latin America

Join us for the Webi-NAR: “Investing in Regeneration While Regenerating Investments in Latin America!” 🌱💰!

An initiative led by the NAR Consortium: Fundación Avina, CATIE, NESST, SVX MX, Sistema B, URL, SEKN, WTT, GRADE, and IDRC 🌎🌱🤝

Join us! Our panelists will share experiences about regenerative investment models and the reach of these investments towards regenerative or transitioning businesses. Understanding the landscape of these investment models, lessons learned, and projections in Latin America is crucial for achieving productive transition and long-term impacts🤝📊

The following panelists will be joining us:
Laura Ortiz, Founder and Purpose Director at SVX Mexico
Cairo Bastos, Program Manager at NESsT Amazon
Tiana Lins, National Director at NESsT Brazil
Antônio de La Rosa, Intelligence and Education Manager at SVX Mexico

Save the date: July 11, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. (Costa Rica time) via Zoom and Facebook Live CATIE. This is a public event that you can register for free here 

Your presence will be of great value to us and other participants! 💡💡
Platform: Zoom/Facebook Live CATIE
Meeting ID: 87054568616
Access Code: 918181

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the regenerative movement. See you there! 👋🫂🌱