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Workshop in Institute of Science and Technology with a focus on change management and mission-oriented innovation

From a perspective of science, technology, and innovation, WTT has been working in harmony with organizations to, according to specific demands, develop diagnostic and change management projects with the organizations’ teams. In this line of work,

The context, demands, and characteristics of the organizations and/or territories are fundamental in designing the solutions. Therefore, being in contact with local teams and visiting the relevant spaces are essential steps in the process. This week, we were in Belém to consolidate a stage of a project in this line of work. In a dynamic workshop, we encountered situations filled with rich dialogues and extensive listening. Here, the idea is for the organization to strengthen itself as a proactive agent in science, technology, and innovation.

“I believe that this work is also linked to changing the mindset of the institutions operating in innovation ecosystems. (…) Therefore, it is important to have a differentiated process of collaboration, inclusion of other ecosystem actors, and co-production of innovation based on the major social and environmental challenges where these institutes are located,” highlighted Angélica Marques, CT&I manager at WTT, in an interview about initiatives with partner organizations.

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