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WTT at ExpoAmazônia on the panel “PRE-COP 30: Focus on the New Amazon Bioeconomy”

WTT will be at ExpoAmazônia, considered to be the biggest event in the North focusing on technology, bioeconomy and innovation. André Wongtschowski, WTT’s Innovation Director, will take part in the panel “PRE-COP 30: Attention to the New Bioeconomy of the Amazon” on November 30 at 5.30pm, alongside André Baniwa, Gustavo Tosello Pinheiro, Mayra Castro and Elizângela Cavalcante.

ExpoAmazônia aims to discuss, integrate, consolidate and leverage the Amazon region’s Bioeconomy and Digital hubs as two viable and sustainable economic vectors for the maintenance of the Amazon rainforest and for the socio-economic development of the people of the Amazon. The event also aims to bring business opportunities to these hubs.

Since 2020, when it founded the Center for Orchestrating Innovations, WTT has been working on the theme of the bioeconomy and developments aimed at a fairer and more sustainable economic model for the Amazon biome. In this direction, publications such as “Amazon Bioeconomy” and “Bioplastic Futures have their roots in the Amazon” have been launched.

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