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WTT at the 12th Brazilian Congress of Agroecologies

The 12th Brazilian Congress of Agroecologies is taking place between November 21 and 23, 2023, in Rio de Janeiro, and WTT is there alongside several partners and organizations.

On November 22, WTT is presenting “Agroecologies of Brazil: Brazilian potentials for regenerative agriculture from the transition to agroecology”, which presents a broad mapping of agroecology practices in Brazil, as well as highlighting the challenges and opportunities that, if properly addressed, can accelerate and boost the agroecological transition in the country. The study is a collective effort by WTT alongside Zaré Augusto Brum Soares, Alvori Cristo dos Santos, Vinícius Toledo and Jacqueline Lafloufa.

Access and download the publication here

On the 21st, WTT’s program manager, Gaston Kremer, was at the opening table of the Terreiro das Inovações Camponesas, an event with the participation of social movements for agroecologies and three federal ministries.

Space Terreiro das Inovações Camponesas, at the Brazilian Congress of Agroecology